Infusionsoft Plugin in Outlook crashing

Can anyone help with a permanent fix for the Infusionsoft plugin in outlook that keeps crashing my outlook all the time and disabling the plugin? This is a recurring problem that happens, then works fine for about a month and then crops up again randomly. Very frustrating that noone at Infusionsoft will accept responsibility for the plugin not working, or that the chat staff keep advising to uninstall and reinstall, which does not fix the problem long term, just a temporary solution. Can anyone help???

The Addin is being retired as mentioned in this recent reply below:

Using the new Infusionsoft Sync feature would be your better option.

Hi Pav,

Thank you for the info, I wasn’t aware of this so great I now know the reason.

I’m not a techy so I assume its straightforward to set up the sync? Where will I find the set up function?

Many thanks


Here you go Carrie.