Infusionsoft Sync for Outlook not working

The app has stopped working and now freezes my outlook account so that i have to restart my computer to gain access to it again. i have tried uninstalling it and installing it on several occasions. initially it would work and record 5 or 6 emails and then crash again. Now it just crashes every time I try to use it and now I can even install the app. How can this be resolved?

I am having the same issue that you are. It is recurring. I have uninstalled the Infusionsoft App and reinstalled. Same issue continues after reinstall was complete.

The same thing happened for me. Their fix was to sync my e-mail account with Infusionsoft. You can sync by going under “Edit my Profile” and clicking the “mail accounts” tab at the bottom and syncing our e-mail. The issue is you can’t select which record to save e-mails to and you can’t save attachments into the file box.