Infusionsoft/Outlook Sync issues

In the past several months I’ve been experiencing issues with Infusionsoft Sync while using Outlook. Prior to this issue, the plugin worked fine for several years. The error I receive happens when I start Outlook and the login fails. The login info is remembered and sometimes works. However, it fails MOST of the time and the error it shows is "An error has occurred logging in. The operation has timed out"

Note: I am not in sales and do not have Infusionsoft open on my web browser throughout the day but only as needed. However, throughout the day I am in and out of Outlook responding to client requests via email. Some (but not all) emails need to be recorded into Infusionsoft, so that my sales team will see that last correspondence with clients. Because of this, I really need that email Sync working.

I would prefer to continue working in this manner as I have no need to use Infusion’s built in email program and don’t want ALL emails recorded.

In the past few months I’ve had some success with removing the plugin, deleting all files and registry entries associated, then reinstalling. However, this only works for a short while before it fails again.

Should I download an older version of Sync? If so, where can I find this?

Hi Chris, I believe this has been depreciated and the new sync option inside the system is used instead, however you are correct, it would sync all emails, assuming the contact exists inside IS

I could be wrong!



I do not plan to use Infusionsoft as my email client. Is there a link to previous versions of the Outlook Sync that I could try?


Hi Chris, not that I’m aware of, someone might have a link to one, but I don’t sorry.