Outlook plug in - Really broken - Never was fully tested by Infusionsoft

The outlook plug in needs a serious or update with some one at infusion soft that runs Office 2016 and windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise. The outlook plugin is in broken. The current design does not scale with high res graphics.

So to use this (since the dialog boxes are not scalable), I have to guess where the fields are to check.

Clearly this was never tested on any Microsoft surface book or a PC that has hi res graphics.

My question - Does infusion soft actual test the products that it releases?
Yes → then this would have been fixed
No-> never tested

And yes this is very repeatable across dozens of systems

is this a new problem?
no, it has been this way since December 2016. I figured that Infusionsoft Q/A would have caught this, so I did not bring it up. But I guess they either do not test new versions or they do not use the plug in.

What is the development status? This is so broke, that we are looking to move dynamics 365 or salesforce. Outlook functionality is fundamental to any growing business.

I submitted this on Aug 17. It is now September 20

Is IFS commitment to fix this?