Question @ Outlook (or Gmail) Sync

If I were to sync my email account and (as I understand it) - The system will automatically update the Contact Record.

What if I’m emailing, say, a friend about a very personal topic - What would happen then?

If said friend is NOT in Infusionsoft?

If said friend IS in Infusionsoft?

Hi Cindy:

Here is the Infusionsoft by Keap link about email sync:

I believe this is the answer you were looking for:

Q: Will a new contact be created for emails from addresses not listed in Infusionsoft?


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Thank you Jeff!!

Yes, that’s exactly what I needed.

Then, of course, the first thing I see is “doesn’t work with Exchange” - Uggghhh…

Then again, maybe we really don’t need to use Exchange.

I’ll have to think about this - The benefits totally outweigh using Exchange …but not sure of the work that goes into it…

(typing out loud)