Email sync (GMAIL and Microsoft)

Hi, anyone else have problems with the Microsoft sync? I have followed the steps in the video and

  1. Under my ‘manage accounts’ it shows the email address I have tried adding but shows a status of pending, it’s been like this for 3 days and also states ‘no emails to sync’

  2. Under the customer record/emails tab, I do not have an option to ‘sync email account’

  3. Under the contact / tasks record, I do not have an option to view ‘recent email history’ nor to ‘sync email account’

It’s becoming frustrating that i cannot capture incoming emails, can anyone help?



MS Sync isn’t part of Infusionsoft so the options/items you’re mentioning are hard to envision. Are you referring to this maybe?

Hi John,

this is what i was referring too,

my contact also gave me a you tube video


I had the same issues and they put in a ticket to fix it. I use Gmail.
I’m excited to use this new feature once it’s working.
I’m also looking for an in browser app/extension to use to add notes and add contacts with in my Gmail browser.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi Brette, thanks for the reply. has the ticket been fixed yet?

who did you approach for the fix?


Unfortunately, no, the ticket has not yet been fixed. I chatted with service to request the fix.

What do you mean this isn’t part of the Infusionsoft system? Where else did I get it?

how will this new syncing feature (when working properly) impact a contact’s email status?

There used to be a sidebar available for that and I used to use it as it really sped up my workflow. It’s been depreciated now and doesn’t work.

I asked Keap if they plan to reintroduce it but got conflicting answers.

Bring it back, Keap! :slight_smile:

Trying to get clearer answers here because the browser plugin is NOT part of the IS system…the more recent in app/UI feature is but no one is clear in their questions about which they are using :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: