Microsoft sync for outlook

The new sync seems to be a much better solution than the old outlook add-in, which kept breaking. However, I recently had a case where the sync stopped working and I didn’t know. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to easily monitor whether sync is working?

It would be good to have this feature added, if not. Also, it would be good to be able to easily see in Outlook, whether an email has been synced or not. And also to be able to sync retrospectively, as not I have a month of emails not synced. Does anyone have any tips or workarounds for these issues?

I have been having the same issue recently. Unfortunately haven’t had a solution to the problem, now my email accounts aren’t even syncing back anymore

I’ve gone back to the old Outlook add-in. Not a great solution but there seems little support could do to help me. I did find a post that mentioned that is your outlook is exchange hosted then the sync won’t work. This never used to be an issue As our email has always been via exchange, but maybe now it is?