Is it possible to add contact

how do i add contact details and campaign

Way too vague of a question. Are you new to Infusionsoft/Keap. Which one are you using. How do contacts get to you? Through a website optin form, a FB ad, manually? Then what do you want the campaign to do and under what condition do you want the contact to be entered into it under?

yes i am new to infusionsoft/Keap . I am right now using 30 days trial . we have our own database . so will i be able to add my database and then send me campaign

If your questions is can you upload your current database to InfusionSoft - Yes, absolutely.

I’m guessing on the next questions, “Send me campaign” - Do you mean see and receive the email/communication that is produced from the Campaign?

I would say yes.

thanks for your reply . i have created a account in infusion on trial base , after longing I am not able to understand how to start with my first step



If you have a DB of contact, you can export those contacts to a csv file and then in Infusionsoft import them. If you’re brand new then it’s likely you’re using Keap but we can’t say for sure. If, when you log in, the upper left of the screen looks like the image below, then you are using Keap, if it looks different then you would be using Infusionsoft:


I am getting a different screen once I log into my account. I get

your Account Edit Profile Market place community

Now I have no clue that how should I start with my first step



This is the screen which I am getting


Ok so you haven’t even verified your email yet (ie you’re not logged into any apps).

Check your junk folder because you should have gotten an email from Infusionsoft to click a link to setup your app.

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I have a meeting to get ready for.

BUT, one thing InfusionSoft does have are some very good step by step tutorials – Look for those and watch them (while playing of course!).

I’ll be back this afternoon to see if I can help you out!

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