Campaign - Create/Assign Contacts


I am new to Infusionsoft and I’m developing an integration for my company where I need to create/assign contacts (or emails) to a specific campaign.

I went through the REST API docs but I couldn’t find the end point to do that.

Could anyone please put me in right direction?

I am using nodejs and do get and post requests to reach that end point.

Thanks very much for the help!

My best regards.

Hi @Carmine_Andre_Marron, there are a couple of ways to achieve what you’re trying to do. In the REST API, if you know the campaign id and specific sequence id that you want to put a contact into, you can use this endpoint.

The second option is currently only available via the XML-RPC API but you can set up an API goal in a campaign and then use this API call to achieve the goal and put the contact into any connected sequences.


@Nicholas_Trecina Thanks very much for the help! I’ll stick to the REST API for now :slight_smile: