API Additions and Changes 2018-05-15

Good day from Infusionsoft HQ! We’re belatedly sharing the following additions or changes.


  • New Create, Delete, Retrieve Products.
  • New Create, Delete, Retrieve Product Subscriptions.
  • Update Create, Replace, Update Opportunities: Custom fields can now be set.
  • Fixed a bug when using Add Multiple Contacts to Campaign Sequence: Response will include the result (e.g., success or fail) for each Contact; prior to this fix, the response might’ve been a general error without explanation. Example reponse:
      "results": [
        { "contact_id": 22, "result": "SUCCESSFUL" },
        { "contact_id": 23, "result": "SUCCESSFUL" },
        { "contact_id": 24, "result": "FAILED_ALREADY_IN_SEQUENCE" },
        { "contact_id": 25, "result": "FAILED_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST" },
        { "contact_id": 26, "result": "FAILED_UNKNOWN" }
  • Fixed a bug when sending events for the invoice.payment.add REST Hook: it now sends the correct transaction identifier.