API Additions and Changes 2017-08-08

Good day from Infusionsoft HQ! We’re happy to announce the following additions or changes.

API Documentation

General API

REST Hooks

The Infusionsoft REST API now supports RESTHooks.org’s “delayed confirmation” of subscriptions.

We’ve also added a significant number of Hooks:

  • Added appointment.*.
  • Added company.*.
  • Added invoice.payment.*.
  • Added note.*.
  • Added subscription.*.

As always, please refer to List Hook Event Types for an up-to-date list of available REST Hooks.


Some of these links go to Home - Keap Developer Portal

Is that deliberate?

No, that was accidental. Thanks for catching it and letting us know!

@mike.christianson, et al,

I see subscription.* is available on REST Hooks, is there a corresponding (but unpublished in API docs) , set of subscription end-points ?

a la

or something like that.

If not, is it on the roadmap ?

Seems like it belongs some where in the E-Commerce section of the API Docs, since this is a billing agreement.

Anyway, its possible to listen to an Order.* REST Hook, then process and navigate to the relevant entity end-points, I was hoping that existence in REST Hook , meant REST endpoints for the subscription entity directly.

thanks in advance for any insights.


@Tyler_McMaster Ecom-related work is underway as I write this but it looks like the first wave won’t include subscriptions. I’ll let folks know you inquired.