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Does infusionsoft can create its own web hook? Or is it possible to send a notification using a web hook in infusionsoft if we changed or update one of our contacts, contact tags and their payments? If not, what are the possible ways to notify us if there are any changes from contacts, contact tags and their payments? Thanks for your help!!

Hi @John_Hilario, we do in fact offer REST Hooks which can fire off a request to your server from a list of available event triggers. Here are some links to documentation to help you get started:!/REST_Hooks/list_hook_event_types

Great thanks @Nicholas_Trecina!!

You’re very welcome!

@Nicholas_Trecina, I’ve setup a verified subscription to ‘contact.edit’ (among others) and Infusionsoft is hitting my listener as expected. However, the payload seems empty everytime. I’ve looked at POSTs and GETs and both seem to be empty. What am I missing?

Hi @Ted_Sorrells, can you provide an example response that you’re getting?

Sorry, I am getting the payload now by reading the input stream. But now, Infusionsoft is sending the same info over and over.


I’m getting this same payload again and again spaced 30 seconds apart even though no one is actively editing these records.

Is it the exact same id and timestamp each time? Do you know if you’re responding to Infusionsoft with a 200?

No, different timestamps each time. I just deleted all of my subscriptions and that seems to have stopped the flow. Will re-subscribe and see if that affects anything.

I was sending a 202 “accepted”…but I’ll send a 200 instead as well. Thanks for the tip!

I just verified in the code that a REST hook post will be marked as an error and attempt a retry if the response status code is less than 200 OR greater than or equal to 400.

If you keep seeing more REST hook volume than expected I would suggest looking to see if you have any integrations or campaigns that may be updating contacts.

Thanks, Nicholas. Turns out, even though the server was responding with a 200, there were also status messages being sent to screen as the incoming data was processed. Moved processing outside the listener and now all is good. Thanks, again, for your counsel!

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You’re welcome!

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Hi Nicholas
Where can I find the list of available Rest Hook events and where do I set this up?
Is this setting only available via API?

Got it.
Thank you.