Get contacts by campaign ID -- REST API

I am using ruby on rails, and am able to get a list of all contacts and a list of all campaigns via the rest api, but I can’t seem to find away to associate one with the other. Is there a way to query all contacts based on a campaign ID?

For example, the URL might look something like this:

Any help would be appreciated, please let me know if additional information or context is needed.

Thank-you in advance!

Not at this time. It is on our list though.

Raise tags at each sequence or goal or create notes. That will at least give you a way to track it. The other option would be with a saved search created from one or all of the campaign reports in marketing/reports

Any idea of when the feature will become available. It is vital to a project we are working on. We can get by in the short term with adding tags, but it is crazy that you can not retrieve a list of Contacts associated with a Campaign and vice versa.