Create Contact and Lead then trigger API Call Goal in Campaign Builder

Goal: Create a contact, create a lead for the contact and then use Campaign Builder to create a task and to send an email.

Success: So far I have figured out how to use the API to create a Contact if a Contact with the same email and name do not already exist. From there I can use an action set from the Admin UI in infusionsoft to assign the Owner of the Contact via the Round Robin. From there I can create a Lead (Opportunity) for that Contact by passing the ContactID to the AddLead function I have created. I can also assign the lead to the Contact Owner (this way it has the same owner as assigned by the Round Robin). I can also pass other standard and custom fields related to Contacts and Leads into Infusionsoft…so I thought the heavy lifting was done.

Open Items: The last thing I need to do is start the Campaign Builder such that an email and task will trigger. Apparently using the API does not trigger Campaign Builder when for example the stage for a lead moves into a particular stage (“0 - New Lead”).

Hypothesis/Problem: I was hoping that I could create an API Goal that would trigger the task and email, but I don’t know what the API Integration and Call Name would be. I am open to any suggestions in how to send the Contact into a particular Campaign within the Campaign Builder.

Thanks for your help!

There are two ways you can do that, probably more actually, adding a tag to the contact or archiving a goal:

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I just looked at the funnel-achieve-a-goal and that should do it. That was the missing link.

Nice, I was using the tags before to trigger campaigns, but now it’s possible to create API Goals inside the campaigns, very handy.