Help! I need to create a contact and add it to a campaign (email sequence)

Hello friends,
We have been having some difficulties to integrate a form.
It is a sign-up form, in which I will have new contacts being created. I need these new contacts to go in a campaign to receive email from automation email.
Still, I would need to have “checking duplicated email” in case this contact already exists in the system, and do not duplicate it.

We have found documentation that add to a follow-up sequence, which does not help. Found as well a documentation that add to a Action Set, but no success either.

If someone passed for something like that, or know how to succeed on this, could please help me?

Thank you in advance!

@Daniela_Vianello_Sod are you using the Campaign Builder to create the sign-up from?
If so, you can use a Sequence that is linked to that form to either link it directly to the email sequence or even apply a tag that you could set up as a goal on the email sequence.

Hello @Dillan_Archer

Thank you for your answer!
Yes, I am using Campaign Builder.

The webform was linked to the sequence inside a campaign, but the contacts were being created, but no entering to the campaign.
The webform is a API integrated form, and we needed a code to use in the integration to create the contact plus add it to the campaign.

We couldn’t find this code in the documentation, so we solve the problem using the code to create the contact plus add a tag, and then we have the campaign coming from this tag applied, and resolved the problem.

Thanks anyway for your attention!!