Is there a way for external forms to report back in real-time whether a contact exists already or not? Also, is there a way to run a duplication check on contacts within a sequence automatically?

  1. Is there a way that a form can be used to immediately report back whether an email/phone number is already in use? A client of mine has enquired about this feature and I just wanted to be 110% sure that this it isn’t possible to do something like this before I went back with alternative solutions.

  2. Instead of alerting sales people while they are filling in the form, is there a way to run an action that will check for duplication automatically as the contacts enter the campaign via that form? Additionally, can I trigger an email to send to the sales team IF a duplication is detected and merged?


FixYourFunnel has a FunnelBot that lets you check for dupes/ah as a dupe in the campaign based on phone numbers. That may help.


Thanks Jeff, I’ll look into that. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff,

I have the same challenge- and aside from paying FixYourFunnel, do you know of any way to structure the campaign to automatically check.

Currently I have a sequence via a decision diamond that looks for the tag “customer” then if that tag is present (meaning contact is already created) the campaign applies the tag “customer returning” which takes the contact out of the next sequence designed for new contacts

I believe you can apply a note template then to notify the sales team of a duplicate contact.

Let me know if there is a better way
Happy 4th everyone

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Hi Aaron,

I also have something like this planned for my well. I think this would only work if their email address is the same. If a contact with the same phone number enquires but with a different email address, it will create a new contact even if a contact with the ‘customer’ tag exists already with that phone number.

After looking into FixYourFunnel’s funnel bots, they seem to be completely free up to a certain (large) number of bot usages each month.


Hi Joe,

Yes you are correct- and I think the people inquiring again yet using a different email are somewhat rare. (then again people are people)

I’ll check out FYF bots
Thank you for the feedback

That’s right, never underestimate the consumer’s ability to be unpredictable I guess! :slight_smile: