Stopping duplicates and auto updates

Here is a little challenge for my goto experts @Paul_Sokol and @Greg_Jenkins (or anyone else, who knows, how to work around this issue).
The issue I am having is the internal form to manually add a contact. As we all know, there is a dupe check, which then automatically updates the contact, if we add one with an existing email.
What I would like to happen at this point (if the email is in the infusionsoft already), that the form would stop and prompt the salesperson that contact is in the Infusionsoft already.
I know that the ideal way would be to do a search first (again, this would not cure the issue of the system not checking the 2nd and 3rd email addresses), but as we are talking salespeople, who will try (and need to) get things done as fast, means that they will usually take the shorter route, where possible.
Any ideas?