Data Cleanup - too many to manually merge

I ran the data cleanup with parameters and have more than 1400 dupes. The only action is to EXPORT the list or click Manual Merge on each contact. Are there other ways to get these dupes out of my CRM? I’ve considered exporting, then importing with a tag then pulling that list and deleting. What other options do I have? I can’t believe Infusionsoft expects me to manually merge each one of these. Any suggestions?

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Hi, @Robin_Zell. There is an option to automerge Automatically merge duplicate contacts | Max Classic

If you don’t see the option, there is an application-level permission that restricts this activity


Once you have located the contacts with the dupe check, go back to the Data Cleanup page under admin, you SHOULD see two tools, the top one is new data is better than old data, the bottom one the opposite.

Hope that helps

Thanks Andy! Already did this. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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