Merge Duplicate contacts having already specific tags

Hello, I have 2 lists of contacts A and B having specific tags. But I also have other lists (let’s say, C, D, E …)
I would like to sort out the duplicates between A ans B to merge them. But I don’t want to sort out the duplicates of the other lists. How can I do?
Thank you.

Hey there!

So you’re wanting to merge duplicates of specific segments in your list?

Quick thought before proposed solution: if you’re using email-only dup checking, it sounds sketchy to be trying to not merge duplicates. What’s wrong with merging them into one contact? I work for a company that manages multiple brands, with each brand having its own specific tags. If a contact ends up in both brand segments, we don’t try to keep those contacts separate.

Proposed solution

As far as I know, Infusionsoft doesn’t have the ability to merge ONLY in certain segments.

However, you could export the desired lists to Excel, with the IS contact id columns, do some duplicate merging there (however you want - maybe find duplicate emails and combine the info, keeping the most recent info? You could just use the last modified date to find out what’s more relevant.).

Before you get that data back into Infusionsoft, you mark the rows in Excel with a tag (you can import a column as a tag) that says essentially “Delete this contact - marked as duplicate”. That way, once you have everything updated in Infusionsoft, you have 1) updated, relevant contacts, and 2) a tagged list of duplicates to delete or otherwise ignore.

Last, you go to Admin>Data Cleanup>Modify Existing Records and import your CSV of relevant data.


Here’s a gotcha (learned from experience):

I don’t believe you can import Notes. So if Notes are really important to you (eg, you have a sales team that uses them to track calls), then this might not be an ideal approach.