Tagging already enterred contacts using a CSV file

Hi Infusionsoft,

We have a big task ahead of us that we hope there is an easy workaround with Infusionsoft.

SendOutCards is another platform that sends postal greeting cards to individuals and groups we select.

We are about to send 500 postal cards out to a specific group in SendOutCards. Most of these contacts are also in Infusionsoft. We would like to TAG these contacts with a tag showing we sent them this SendOutCard without entering them one-by-one.

Is there a way for us to upload a CSV file or something with the Lastname and Firstname of these contacts that would compile the same list in Infusionsoft that we can then TAG? Our intention is to then send a Broadcast email to all the contacts asking if they received our postal greeting card.

Please let us know if this is possible or if there is another way of getting to the same place that I haven’t thought of.

Thank you,
Brett Miller


If I understand you correctly - You simply go to “Admin” then “Import”

Just follow the prompts - Pretty straight forward!

Feel free to reach out if you need help


As Cindy said, you CAN simply import these contacts, and tag them as part of the import process. However, importing contacts in this manner will always create new contacts, and if some of these folks (or most) are already in Infusionsoft, then you’d end up with duplicate contacts.

So, if you choose to import it that way, you should just be prepared to run a Duplicate Check.

The alternative would be using the Modify Existing Records feature so that you update the existing records rather than create new ones:

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Given that your contacts already exist, I’d use:

Admin > Data Cleanup > Modify Existing Records.

See also: How do I apply a tag to a list of e-mail subscribers who are already on my list? - #2 by David_Kurz

And: Modify Existing Records


You may have already sorted this out, but best approach for updating existing contacts via a CSV file is to first export the contacts from Infusionsoft into a CSV file, open the file in Excel, append the tag data in a new column or an existing one designated for tags, import into Infusionsoft.

IMPORTANT: the CSV file exported from Infusionsoft will have an “ID” column - this is the unique identifier for that record within Infusionsoft. Be sure not to modify or delete the ID or sort the data without the corresponding ID or you will end up with mismatched records.

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