Updated contacts in csv import, and old tags are overwritten


I used a csv import to add a new tag to certain contacts. However, it has overwritten the existing tags.

Is there any way for me to apply the existing tags back to those contacts?

In one of the support articles, I noticed that except notes and tags, all fields will be overwritten. However, the existing tags disappeared. Couldn’t figure out how.

Please help me get this sorted out.


Did you do an import or a modify existing contacts?

If you did an import you have actually made duplicate contacts, so the old ones should still he there with the old tags and the new contacts with just the new tags?

Could be wrong, but thats my best off the top of my head!


I did an import. The contacts aren’t added again, but got updated in the existing records.

The email field is one of the columns I used for the import.

However, in an article, I read the tags wouldn’t get deleted/removed when importing.

In worst case, I can also do the updates manually for 30 contacts, but I need to retrieve the existing tags. Is there a way for that?



Just checking her Dinesh, are you in Infusionsoft or Keap as an app?

Infusionsoft imports create duplicates, or did you use modify existing contact (not import).

If you are in Keap thats a different story!


Hi Andy,

Thanks for checking back.

The contacts were duplicated. However, the duplication did not show up when I searched the contact emails
immediately after the import
in the box at the top right.

They didn’t show up even by the time you replied first. Now they are showing up!

It would be great if I understand why this happened!

Appreciate your help!



The quick search (or another name, elastic search) is slower to update to new contacts than the database being loaded (don’t know why).

If you had used the ‘full’ contact search then you would have found them immediately.

Hope that helps

Andy :slight_smile:

Thanks for educating me, Andy :slight_smile:


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