Importing Contacts not working!

Hello All,
Pretty new to Infusionsoft and feel like the relative experts in here can help me figure out this question super quick (I hope I am just overlooking something small but important).
I have been trying to import a very small list of contacts in (only 200) and it imported fine, I matched fields with my csv file, etc.
When I imported them i also added a tag. I pulled them back up and noticed a data field I needed to change/adjust so I decided to delete the set and import them again.
Since the first time I imported them (although I deleted them and checked that they were deleted), I CANNOT get them to import again. I go through the steps, the system says they are imported successfully, but I click on the “see the contacts you just imported” or search by the tag I just placed and they are not there! I cannot for the life of me understand what is wrong…anybody know?
Thank you bunches for any light you can shed on this! I hope this a simple thing!

PS: To add, that while I can’t find the contacts I am trying to import, the system is still creating the Import tags, although there are no contacts with those tags after the import. I’m baffled! Especially when they did already import once. Are they still in there somewhere even after I deleted them?

Hey @Terri_Hart. I am going to send a DM your way, to see if I can collect some info on this. I want to take a look and see what might be causing this. Very strange indeed, but I will see what I can figure out.

In this specific case, we had a Contact ID present on the re-import csv. The import hit a conflict due to trying to create a brand new record during import, while trying to match the Contact ID to an old ‘used’ Contact ID, resulting on 0 contacts actually being imported. We removed Contact ID field from the csv and tested another import to perfection!

This isn’t something that I have ever really came across, so I am glad I got to test this for you @Terri_Hart!


Here¹s to always learning!! :slight_smile:

Hi there!

In case someone will have to import a large database into Infusionsoft you may try to use an automated migration service Data2CRM, here is more info about it - Keap Marketplace

Thanks, hope it will be useful!