Why are contacts missing after import?

I just ran an import totaling 213k contacts. The imports completed with a success message saying “213k contacts were successfully imported”. However, when I look at my Contacts list, there are only 178k contacts on my list. Why are some contacts missing?

And what method in Infusionsoft should I use to identify who needs to be re-imported?

Depends on how you did the import but it may have merged on import existing contacts OR deemed some contacts disqualified? If you export all the contacts with the import [date] tag and compared to your original list that might reveal something.

@Kathryn_Wells also, you can check to see if any were skipped by going to the past imports list. start here: View and rollback imports | Max Classic

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Thank you, that was helpful, because it uncovered a bug. In the past imports list, I could see that 198k records were processed, but 0 were added, and 0 were skipped. I opened a chat with Keap Support and Hans Christian from Support reported it to the developers.