When importing contacts via csv how do I add existing tags?

I have a CSV file full of contacts with multiple tags I would like to import. The tags already exist within categories.

Here as an example of the format I have entered in the tag field within the CSV (This matches the format found when you export contacts):
[category1] → [tag1], [category2] → [tag2], [category3] → [tag3]

When I run the import, rather than adding the existing tags, brand new duplicate tags are created. for example tag 1 of category 1 is created as a new tag called ‘category1 → tag1’ sitting within a category called ‘import’.

What am I doing wrong?

If you import the tags without the category associated — just the name of the tag, they should merge with the existing tags.


That worked! Thank you - I’m trying to be too smart for my own good!

Glad it helped.


Hi Jeff

I am facing the exact same problem. However, I am unsure of the solution. When you say just import the name of the tag , how do I do that. Do I have to manually delete the categories from my csv.

My csv has two columns -

  1. tags- there are tags with the categories

  2. tag ids- there are id numbers here.

Don’t worry about categories - just the tag name.

Here is a quick video:


Hello! I have the same issue.
I imported without the category, just the name of the tag but tags were duplicated

You can’t ‘import’ … you need to do a Data Cleanup, choose tags, and then upload.
The data clean up overwrites the existing data. An import just adds new data.


ok, will do that next time!
thank you Jeff