Duplicate tags when importing

Hoping you can help me out. I am importing lists into InfusionSoft and need to tag attributes, such as industry, prior to the upload. After I upload, my tag “Industry → Industry Type” becomes “Imported → Industry → Industry Type”. So then I have two different tag types for the same tag. Is is possible to upload the tag without putting it in the “Imported” category.

Hi @D_J_Pflaum. Our import feature actually runs a very basic duplication check on tags, if you include them at import. What you would need to do on your CSV file, is actually remove the tag category, and just list the name of the tag itself. It needs to be spelled the same, and it will be case sensitive also.

Meaning, if I have an existing tag called ‘Prospect → New Lead’ in my system, and I need to import, my CSV will just contain ‘New Lead’ in the tags column. When the import begins, the system will scan for a matching tag, and apply that tag, as opposed to adding a new one to the ‘Import’ category.

The only issue you may run into with this, is if you have more than 1 tag with the same name, but in different categories. Our system will run the automatic duplication check, looking at the Tag ID#, starting with the lowest.