New to KEAP-question about tags and importing

I am new to InfusionSoft and KEAP. I am making a list of air conditioner contractors that will be imported into contacts with tag AC Changeouts. I was told that I cannot add new lists to this tag without creating a new tag such as AC Changeouts 2, then AC Changeouts 3, and so on with every new list of AC Changeout contractors I import monthly throughout the year. This would be highly inefficient.

Is there any way to add monthly imports to the same tag without making AC 1, AC2, AC3, etc?

I am new to InfusionSoft and KEAP. Literally…3 weeks old. The fact I can use this is a reflection of the AWESOME programs that you all make. That being said…if I have this issue, I am assuming others have and that InfusionSoft would have dealt with it by now. Can someone please educate this newbie on how to accomplish my goal of adding AC Changeout Contractors to my contact without having to add 1, 2, then 3, then 4…etc after my same tag (monthly)?
Thank You, DJ

When you get to the end of the import process there is a line that says (paraphrasing) ‘run an action on this import’. Choose your main ‘AC contractor’ tag. It will add that tag to all your imported contacts. There’s no reason to add two, three, four.

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Thank You so much Jeff!! I really appreciate it! I am trying to wrap my head around this. Its a big task (when new) so I appreciate your time!