Apply a tag to multiple contacts

I have exported a list from InfusionSoft and have selected contacts who I want to apply a tag - how can apply to multiple contacts, rather than going through each one?
Many thanks

Create a spreadsheet with only the contact IDs of those you want to tag. Go under Admin - Data Cleanup and Modify Existing Records. Upload just those contact IDs and at the end of the upload, it will ask if you want to run any actions. Choose the ‘run an action’ option and choose ‘add/remove tags’. Choose the tag you want to add and then complete the upload. That will add that tag to all the records.

Thanks Jeff
I followed these instructions and went through the process, it stated ‘success’ but the changes are not showing in the record - is there a delay?

No delay. When you are adding the tag, are you sure you completed the process? Clicked save, apply, etc? I’m typing this from my phone so I don’t have the actual verbiage directly in front of me, but you need to apply the tag and make sure you hit save, then finish the import.

Thanks Jeff - I think so but will try again.

If it doesn’t work this time, download Loom and do a screen recording and send it over and I can look at it