Is there a way to mass edit/tag companies?

Adding tags to contacts is quick and easy, but I have to go into each company individually to edit the tags there. Is there another way to do this?

If you’re referring to applying or removing tags on companies, you can select a multiple at a time and do this en masse. You can use the search criteria in the list to select only a specific set and then apply or remove tags on all of them in one action.

To add to John’s reply you can find more information about how to apply tags to multiple contacts at once here:


I believe Courtney is asking about mass tagging companies, not contacts. Is there a way to mass tag companies?

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This is 8 months old :wink:

And still no answer to a simple question.


The answer was given correctly. I understand that it’s not the answer you wanted but that is far from being the same as not answering the question. So more correctly stated, the feature you are wanting would be best requested at We can answer questions here but this would not be the fastest route to getting a feature added.

No You can’t mass tag companies. You really can’t do much with companies. It’s frustrating.