Tagging multiple COMPANIES at once?

You can add/delete tags for mulitiple CONTACTS at once, how do I add (or delete) multiple tag for COMPANIES at once?

Hi Steffani

You can definitely search for the tag either under the CRM > Contacts or CRM > Companies then check the top checkbox so that it selects all the results http://screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/1HxZ/1507577750417-54051.png Then you can use the Actions Drop down Add/Remove Tags. http://screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/1HxZ/1501285627751-65937.png

Here is a help guide Apply or remove tags from a list of conta | Max Classic

Thank you for responding to my question, but I am not sure that you understood my questions. I was not SEARCHING for a tag.
I am trying to ADD or REMOVE TAG for multiple COMPANIES at once. There is no option that I see where I can do this….

The dropdown options for CONTACTS is different than the COMPANY drop down options…unless I am missing something!!!

Help me if I am doing something wrong.


Got it. You are wanting to add or delete the tags from Company Records. You are correct that it’s not an option for the Actions > Add/Remove Tags under the company records.

What you can do to Add Tags to Company Records in bulk is to Export the Companies with their Company ID, in the spreadsheet add the tags you want, then upload through the Data Cleanup > Modify Existing Records. However, you wont be able to delete tags this way. Currently there isn’t a way to mass delete tags from Company Records.

Help guide Mass update contacts with a spreadsheet | Max Classic *this guide goes through a Contact record as an example but the same steps are done through the company record.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Can you request this as an upgrade in the future? Maybe making all of the options available from the CONtACTS also available for the COMPANIES