Applying Multiple tags to one contact

Hi IS Guys. Id like to ask if there is a way to apply multiple tags to one contact in one infusionsoft api call

here is the scenario… - Our clients can create/apply tags using our Dev App and from there - for example… whenever clients receives x numbers of customers we need to apply the tags to their infusionsoft apps. The thing here is…
for example i have 1000 contact and i have 4 tags a day… that means…
adding 1000 contacts = 1000 calls
adding 4 tags to each= 4000 calls
in this case… it already took 5000calls to finish the task… and this is just one of the many tasks that must be done.
We are reaching limits… and i am thinking to optimize if possible on what is currently happening.
Maybe there is a way to add multiple tags all at once to one contact… just as how we already have applying one tag to multiple contacts…
or maybe there is a way to add contact and apply tags in one api call only?

Please let me know your ideas


Sure, you can apply a list of tags via /contacts/{id}/tags. Here’s the docs for it:!/Contact/applyTagsToContactIdUsingPOST