Apply tag to a new, or an existing contact

Hello, i’m using php-sdk to create contacts and now I just cant find a way to apply tags to a new or an existing clients.
I get an error “Unrecognized property: tag_ids” if I add tag_ids as a property to array

$contact = [
            'given_name' => ...,
            'family_name' => ...,
            'email_addresses' => ...,
            'phone_numbers' => ...,
            'duplicate_option' => 'Email',
            'opt_in_reason' => 'Contact gave explicit permission.',
            'tag_ids' => [92]

$inf->contacts()->create($contact, $email);

So which method should i use to apply a tag to contact? Thanks :blush:

ok, it can work with an old api version $inf->contacts('xml')->addToGroup($contactId, 92);