Can't get tag and apply to contacts

Hello. Im trying to apply tag to contacts, but cant get tag even.

$client1 = array(
                    'email_addresses' => array(
                            'email' => '',
                            'field' => 'EMAIL1'
// there is working
$client1 = infusionsoft()->contacts()->create($client1); 
// there is not working
$client1_tag = infusionsoft()->tags()->find(812)->get();

Im getting error with msg: “Infusionsoft\Api\Rest\TagService cannot use find function.”

I am hope for your help

what documentation did you find infusionsoft()->tags()->find()->get() in? According to the code, find is not available on the TagService. In fact, an attempt to use find calls the following:

trait CannotFind {
public function find($id) {
throw new InfusionsoftException(
CLASS.’ cannot use ‘.FUNCTION.’ function.’

The methods available right now are:


If you need to find a tag by id then you will most likely need to use, for now, the iSDK DataService and query the ContactGroup table.

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