Xml rpc api get applied tags

Hello all,
I am having some problems trying to retreive some data from the Infusionsoft API, in which I am trying to validate if a user has a certain tag.
In the REST documentation I noticed a call to get all applied tags for a contact, which is basically exactly what I am trying to do.
Unfortunately though, I am still using the XML-RPC api, but can’t figure out if (how) I can do the same using the XML-RPC api.
I have tried to research this in this forum, but I can’t figure it out.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

In the Legacy XML-RPC API you can use the DataService.query method to retrieve records from the ContactGroupAssign table, which relates tags (“ContactGroups”) to contacts.

We of course recommend using the current REST API, where finding this out is as simple as doing a GET on /contacts/{contactId}/tags.


A late reply, but good information, many thanks.