Get the contacts list for a specific tag

I am using C# i have successfully get the list of all contacts using REST API

but i want contacts list by tag

there filters like limit , offset , email in the api docs which i was able to use
but i couldn’t find the tags filter


I don’t know much about C#, however, using the data object you can read the ContactGroupAssign table and query for ContactId. That will return all records of tags currently assigned to that contact id.

suppose i have 1000 contacts
then for each one i should send a request to InFusionSoft api to get its tags?

i think this is a very costly solution in performance for both my project and infusion soft API

isn’t there any other solution to send the tag as a parameter and only return those contacts who have this tag?


I think you may be looking for the ContactGroupAssign table. Using the data object you can query based on tag id, contact id or pretty much what you’d like. If you query by the contact id then you will get a list of all tags set for that contact. If you query by the tag id then you will get a list of all contacts that have that tag…etc

Were you able to get the contacts based on tag or tag id in the single REST call?

That’s not available through REST yet. They are working on it but the api is the only way to get a list of contacts with a tag set at the moment.

NO i wasn’t able to get it with REST in one call
i used XMLRPC docs to get the all the contacts for a specific tag in table ContactGroupAssign