Applying tags to a contact

Hello guys I’m trying to apply tags to a contact . I’m using xmlrpc tag function addToGroup function to apply tag but the problem is it keeps on throwing me this error

fXmlRpc\Exception\FaultException: [DatabaseError]Error loading contact in

Can somebody tell me what is it that I’m doing wrong

Here is the code

$infusionsoft->contacts('xml')->addToGroup($contactId, $tagId);


I don’t usually use the api for REST calls but if I’m not mistaken, you have to call load() first and then addToGroup. Either way ->contacts(‘xml’) would not be valid. I’m sure that you don’t have a contact that has an string id of ‘xml’

I’m using this api from xmlrpc

The reason why I’m putting ‘xml’ string in contact is because if I do not, it starts calling the rest api

This is the contact function in your sdk for contact

 * @return \Infusionsoft\Api\ContactService
public function contacts($api = 'rest')
    if ($api == 'xml') {
        return $this->getApi('ContactService');

    return $this->getRestApi('ContactService');

k so in that case you have to first instantiate the contact object $conService=$infusionsoft->contacts(‘xml’);

and then call the method $conService->addToGroup($contactId, $tagId);

ok let me check and then I’ll get back to you give me a minute

Nope I’m still getting the same error

Looking over the stack message again. Are you able to call any methods at all?

let me check

Well I’m trying to retrieve a contact but it throws me this error

Infusionsoft\Http\HttpException: fXmlRpc\Exception\FaultException: [RecordNotFound]Record was not found in

This is the function that I’m using

$infusionsoft->contacts('xml')->load($contactId, ['FirstName'])

But the contact exist in infusionsoft

Just a side not 7787 was stored as a string in my system and then I changed it into integer like this

I have checked the contactid type and it’s integer. Can you please tell me what is it that is going wrong ?


When I use this function it return me a empty array

$is_result = $infusionsoft->data()->query("Contact",10,0,$query_fields,$returnFields,'Id',true);

Can you tell me what is it that is going wrong

Start with what version of PHP are you running? Some versions don’t support the format for arrays. I would just always use array(‘FirstName’) (as an example). If you change that from the bracket version in your load method then it should return the contact with just the first name field.

As far as your query goes, just get a basic working first. Replace $query_fields with just array(‘%’) (which will request and entire list but it will verify if things to that point are working or not.