Can you import contacts without importing duplicates?

We import contacts from Eventbrite each month, but we’re starting to get a lot of duplicates. Is there a way to import contacts into Infusionsoft but have a filter for duplicates??? Thanks!

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There isn’t a way that I know of to do this upon upload, however, the deduplication process is fairly straightforward and you can set it so that it only appends data, not overwrites (info on deduplication: Automatically merge duplicate contacts | Max Classic).

Also, there are some tools available that will automatically merge duplicates for you (the Auto Merge Bot by FixYourFunnel can do it – and it’s free: Funnel Bots).

Also, Novak Solutions offers a free account for 1 of their tools and they have a duplicate identifier.

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If you aren’t sure whether or not there are Dupes then @Jeff_Arnold’s solution would work just fine. And might even be faster.

But if you know the list is already in the database, or you can separate it into two lists and want to import without dupes then here’s how you’d handle that: