How to set up automated duplicate detection and merging by adding only new data

Is there a way to automate duplicate detection and merging duplicate by only adding new data? We’d like to set something up so this automatically occurs on a daily or weekly basis.

There isn’t a way to do it automatically, but we can do this using a 3rd party integration (Make). We trigger the dedupe by a contact edit, and then dedupe by both email and phone numbers using the system.

Email me ( if you think you are interested in pursuing getting this set up.


What about with API calls…one issue we are having is that we have some users manually importing contacts, then the same contact might try to get added via an api call, so we run into an issue. Is there a way to avoid that?

Or the other way around, when you import contacts manually, is there a way to detect possible duplicates at import and either update existing contacts with new info, or not allow the import of contacts that are duplicates?