Dedup and auto-merge if three fields match exactly

How do I build a query that will:
1 - check for duplicates based this criteria: first name AND last name AND email address (not OR, all three of those fields exact matches)
2- automatically merge duplicate records (records with all three fields matching exactly)
3- code records with one or two records matching (so those can be manually checked and merged if determined by human to be duplicates

Any help appreciated!

You would only be able to do #1 manually, one by one (meaning specific names etc rather than a global search). Merging contacts you have some options but again, not to do a comparative analysis like you’ve described. Again, #3 would be able to be done dynamically. Really, the only way I know of to dynamically test these criteria and raise tags and merging as you’ve described is with a coding solution. But then, it could be done on the fly every time a contact is created.

Thanks, John. That’s pretty much what I had figured out. Was hoping I’d simply missed how build a query/ search criteria. If it has to be done manually, then it has to be done manually.
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