Can I merge data based on custom fields?

From an old list, we have contacts in our Infusionsoft system that is missing key information like first name, last name, phone number etc- BUT it has an e-mail address and a custom field. Is there a way that I might be able to merge or dedup the contacts based on matching a specific custom field + the email address? Please let me know. Thank you!

If they all have an email address, that is all you really need. I would deselect everything but the last option.

I too am in search of a way to merge / dedup data based on custom fields.

Matching based on email address is challenging since many contacts use a shared business email address, phone number and street address.

Matching based on company name is also challenging since many contacts can work with us through multiple companies at the same time.

The custom fields such as customer number are what we use to tell them apart. Just not sure if/how we can utilized a custom field for dedup purposes. I’m open to any ideas and/or guidance.

thank you