Is there a way to make a merge field correspond to a custom field?

Hi there— I’m new to Infusionsoft, and I’ve been informed that there is no way to create an email merge field which corresponds with a custom field in a contact record. Is that true?

The use case is this: I have a spreadsheet that contains data that I want to email affiliates about. I’d like to upload the data into custom fields in those affiliates’ contact records. Then, I want to create an email with merge fields that will populate from those custom fields, and send it to all affiliates. This is much more efficient than manually emailing each affiliate with their info.

Is such a thing possible? Thanks for any help!

You can create custom fields and upload your data, then, when you want to merge into an email, use the ‘merge’ button on the far right side. This will give you a dropdown of the Contact Records and all of the available fields from which you can merge.

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Thanks for the response, Jeff! Here’s where I’m getting hung up: I’ve created my custom fields, uploaded my CSV, I’m in the ’ Match your fields to Infusionsoft fields’ part of the process, and my custom fields aren’t showing up from the dropdown lists. Any ideas?

@Arjuna_Perkins, did you look at the very bottom of the drop-down list? i just set up a test custom field to make sure it was working properly and it seems fine for me.

Thanks, martinc! Yes, I’ve looked to the very bottom and my custom fields are not showing up there. Is this perhaps because the contacts I’m trying to update are referral partners, and because my custom fields are under the ‘referral partner’ classification?

Yep! You would need to import them into the referral partner record…which is a completely separate record from the contact record.

If you don’t have “Referral Partners” in your import drop-down, you’ll need to contact Support and let them know what you are trying to do. You’ll need them to enable “Restricted Imports” which is a switch they flip on the back-end. They may have you sign something so you know that these imports aren’t supported…meaning if you have issues or questions about an advanced import, they will send you over to to the data import services team…which isn’t free. :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you! This is very helpful. I’ll follow up with support :slight_smile: