Global Merge Fields for campaigns

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I’m setting up a series of campaigns that will provide emails with dates and times for courses that we provide. I want to be able to either access the campaign merge fields from an external HTTP update or access a global custom field accessible to all contacts - either assigned to a special contact/company but accessible from the campaign merge field list.

Any suggestions on best approach? Do I need an external API plugin to achieve this?

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Hey @Shane_Broadberry. Welcome to the community.

It looks like you have an understanding of campaign merge fields (they are just campaign-specific merge fields), but I’m not sure what you are reaching for outside of that functionality. Are you saying that the value you need to merge into the email is specific to the contact and not the course? If so, you could just create a custom contact field and merge it into the email instead of using a campaign merge field.

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I’d like to be able to create a global custom fields that could be accessed from within any campaign rather than creating the campaign specific merge fields and duplicating them in each campaign - or making a monster size campaign with all of the merge fields in one…

If I could create a custom contact field and merge a specific contact record into the campaign e-mail that would work (so contact 100 would have contact 100s details and access to the shared contact 0s custom field). Is that possible?





I’m coming up with the same problem. We have 20 instances of InfusionSoft that are essentially clones. Each one has a set of 5 to 20 campaigns all of which need to be customized to the new instance (dates, locations, phone numbers, basic service level policies) that currently live inside each of the up to 20 campaigns as campaign merge fields, even though the exact same information in used for all the campaigns… crazy.
So I was looking up Global Merge field concepts and found your entry. Seems from the response from InfusionSoft support, that in 2017 there was no solution for this… what did you end up doing?
Very interested
Atom Terpening, Regenexx