Merge fields alternative

I’m trying to create alternative (universal) custom fields to be merged into emails across our campaigns. I made this short explainer video:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!




You can accomplish this in one of two ways.

If you run all of your emails inside of one campaign, which I call a quick send email campaign, you can have your emails configured inside of that campaign and then just triggered them from other campaigns using a tag. It’s not the best way to do things but if you’re using emails over and over this might be a good way to keep all of your content centralized. If you do that you can use campaign links to change those fields dynamically have a change all the information inside all the emails.

That can be very complex if you have a lot of different emails that you’re sending out, so the other way to do this would you be create custom fields on the contact record for those specific items you would like to change on a regular basis. Then you would set up a campaign with a bunch of ‘set field‘ actions that would set the values inside of those custom fields. Then when you want to change that data to reflect new links to media etc., you could take all of your contacts and run them through that campaign to reset those custom field values and now your campaigns will all have the updated information and as they run through the campaigns that information will feed and of the emails globally.

We do this for clients where we give them a variety of links to images so that we are changing images constantly inside of the emails on a global basis.