Can I merge custom fields together in a contact record?

We have a lot of custom fields that were created from different web forms that hold similar data. Is there a way to merge these custom fields together?

@Alex_House there is no automated way. But, you can export the data into a .csv file and then import it back into another field. Then, delete the first field. When you export, make sure you export the field(s) you want plus the Contact Id. Then, when you import the data back in, choose Admin → Data Cleanup → Modify Existing Records. Match on Contact Id and then map the data to the field(s) you want. Make sense?


In addition to what Tyler has already correctly stated, if you have data in both fields that needs to be included in your final field, you can use an excel feature called Concatenate to put all of the data (can be multiple fields) into a new cell in your spreadsheet. You would then use that column as your final import data.


Thank you! This is helpful.

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