Importing company data along with contacts

We need to import a load of contacts as well as create company records for each contact, with various custom fields filled out on those company records.

Are we able to import a database of customers along with the details of their companies in the same row in order to create and populate the company details and the contact details and have them linked up in Keap Max Classic?


When you do an upload there is an option for ‘create company record’ during the upload. I honestly am not sure if you can put in any custom fields, though. I think it just takes the company field name and the address/phone/email info and creates the companies.


Thanks for the response Jeff.

I’ve found that you can also import company records on their own including all of the custom fields set up for company records within the account.

But it just seems that I’m tackling the issue from the other side and arriving at the same problem in the middle, being unable to match contacts to companies en masse in an automated way.

If I import all of the company records and then import all of the contact records and choose the option to create new companies with the data in the company name field, will it create duplicate companies instead of connecting them up automatically? That’s the way I see it turning out.

So I looked at the data cleanup options and there isn’t anything for company records that I can find, which puts me at a dead-end. Do you know of a way to get all of the contacts and all of the companies into my app and have them linked up, by importing them using spreadsheets?

Thanks again,

I don’t work with ‘company’ records too often, but I’m thinking it would create duplicates.
It would be convoluted, but if I were doing it, I would do this:

Import your contacts and create company records with the data.
Export those contacts and include the Company ID in the export.
Go to ‘data cleanup’ — modify records.
Choose ‘companies’
Then update the company records with all there custom fields and use the Company ID from the export to tie the new data to the existing Company records.

I’d test with 2-3 first, then run the whole batch.


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