Import Companies and Contacts Best Practices

New to InfusionSoft and I am looking for tips to best import my data. Specifically to start off: if I first import my companies, then import my contacts, will it automatically associate the Contacts with the Company (assuming I have spelled the Company correctly in the CSV for there Contacts import)? Conversely, if I Import Contacts and have the import process create the Company, will I then need to manually enter all the other information I want to import for the companies?

That is correct, @Sandy_Selinger

Call or chat into support and have them turn on “Advanced Imports” so that you can import companies. With that tool enabled, you could first import all of your companies and associated data, then import your contacts. And like you said, if the company name matches exactly, the contact will merge into the company record.

Hi @Sandy_Selinger,
You can import business data automatically using third-party service. The order you use to upload CSV files to Infusionsoft doesn’t matter as you will map data fields to set up the right connections between records.