Company contacts unable to enter follow-up sequences

I’m trying to link Infusionsoft with the platform that holds the data about customer records but the other platform stores contacts as businesses.

However, if I import the contacts as business records then I won’t be able to have them enter sequences so that the customer support staff can conduct regular follow-ups. Is there a way around this?

The only way I can think of is to have the company records be imported as regular contacts, with the first and last name fields blank.

Has anybody had a similar issue before?


Your solution would work.
I have clients who work with businesses only, but don’t use them as ‘Companies’ in Infusionsoft - just as contacts with no first/last, but with a company name.


Thanks for the response Jeff!

I was just a little worried that something unforeseen would cause me some issues further down the line if I did it this way but I’ll give it a shot.