Bill a COMPANY, not a contact


I am relatively new to Infusionsoft, and in the process of moving my business processes into the system. My goal was to take advantage of as much functionality as possible and only integrate where necessary, to the point of even adapting my business processes to fit how Infusionsoft works. However, I’ve run into two walls that I can’t seem to get past.

First, Infusionsoft ties all orders and invoices primarily to a Contact record. I understand thought process behind this design from a marketing perspective, but in the real world, corporations are entities themselves and I have to be able to do business with them independently of a personal contact. I do a lot of B2B business, and deal with a few very large corporations. Besides the question of whether the invoices would even be accepted as addressed to a personal name, it would make my business look tiny and unprofessional to invoice this way. I’ve discussed this with Infusionsoft support a couple times, and the answer I get is to use Contact records for companies, or just add the company as a Contact record and set this as the primary contact for the company. Neither solution sounds appealing because it feels like I’m taking a step backward from the automation and efficiency I expected.

Secondly, I see no provision in the system to bill on net terms. Before I came to Infusionsoft, my policy was to bill on the first of the month for the preceding month’s services, and the invoice would be due in 30 days. This is consistent with how I’m billed and what some of my customers who dictate billing terms require.

Additionally, I can’t make Infusionsoft automatically invoice customers monthly for subscriptions, where a payment method is not on file and automatically charged.

These things are pretty simple, and I don’t feel like I’m asking too much of the system, although I realize the first point deals directly with the architecture of the system and can probably never be changed at this point. It’s not a matter of how much value I’m getting for my money, as I’d gladly pay more if these features existed and worked. What I won’t do is add a plugin and have my data sitting on another server. The solution has to be with Infusionsoft itself or my own integration, but not a third party.

My question is how are other Infusionsoft users working around these same problems?

Any help or advice is appreciated!