Contacts vs Companies

Our company has over 500 companies that we work with, and some of those companies have multiple contacts for multiple products. We have not started using Infusionsoft quite yet for the Account Management and Customer Service aspects of our business, but we do use it for new sales.

My question is, with Account Management, Customer Service, and Sales in mind, what advice do you have in terms of using Companies vs. Contacts.

We had the same issue. For us, I wrote a script that is called with a http post that automatically uses the company name when a contact is created and then creates the company record (based on existing contact data) if it doesn’t exist. If the company name is found in the companies list then it just assigns the existing company. In this way, the company name on the contact field is used to either create/assign or just assign the company record.

Obviously this would not be the right approach for every model. There are other products that allow for creating company records using contact data but I’m not sure if they assign an existing company or even assign the company record at all.

John, I’m intrigued by the script you wrote to automate the Company record creation or link. Are you willing to share more information about that process?

Whenever a contact is created a tag is applied. That tag kicks off all of our new contact actions like opportunity records, other tag assignments and http posts for tasks like creating a company record. In our case, the company record is created from the contact information ONLY if there isn’t a company id assigned but there is a company name and if the company name already exists as a record then it is just assigned to the company id on the contact, otherwise it creates a new company record.