When importing data how can i assig contact to a company when multiple companies with the same name exist

I have contacts that need to be assigned to a company but there might be multiple companies with the same name, different address. The option when importing is company name, is there a way to get around this? otherwise I need to either add manually or change company is linked to once imported.
Thank you

Bit of a tough one here. There isn’t really a way around this, based on the way the option during import works. When you select the option to create a company, the system will do 2 things. One, it will look through all the companies, starting with the lowest company ID #, and try to associate the contact with the first company that it comes across that is spelled the same (also case sensitive). If it can not find a matching company, at this point it will create a new one and attache the contact to that.

Based on this, if you have a number of companies with the exact same name, you would run into an issue where the contacts all get associated with the first company that it can find based on lowest company ID, and being spelled the same.

About the only way around this, is if the identical companies had a slightly different naming convention in the Company Name.

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Multiple companies with the same name? I guess it would depend on why that is. Are there actually multiple physical companies with the exact same name? If that’s happening then first review your front end validation so that the back end doesn’t have to deal with data incongruities.

Next question is if they are the same company but different addresses, then what criteria would you use to merge or distinguish them? If you don’t know the answer to that then it will be difficult to describe how an automated process will know…I guess more information might be needed?

thank you for replying. We are a travel related company, there are multiple companies (Travel agencies) that have the same name. Each company has a unique 8 digit number which we added as a custom field. When searching i can do so by the IS id, list all companies by name or my custom field. Hope my answer was clear…

thanks! i may have to go that route :slight_smile: