Identify Companies with Multiple Contacts


I would like to identify which companies have multiple contacts in our Infusionsoft database. Is there a way that I can do this?

We can guess at which companies have the most contacts in our database, but I want to definitively know which companies have more than one.

Another way to look at it is selecting any field and having Infusionsoft tell me of any entries that have duplicates in that specific field only. I feel like we could maybe use the “Check for Duplicate Contact Records” tool this way, to at least display a list, but I am uncomfortable doing that because of the message at the top of that page:

“This action utilizes system resources that could affect the performance of your application in other areas such as logging in, searching for records, updating records, etc. To maximize your application’s performance, we recommend that this action be performed during your off-peak business hours.”

I would be grateful for any help.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hm… that might prove a little difficult in app, as there isn’t a report/search that could handle that. An idea that would call for a bit of manual work would be to export your list of contacts, including their company field, and then sort it in Excel, and go through and note the contacts that all belong to the same company.

Thank you for the reply, @James_Mefford!

I was able to come up with a pretty good list with your suggestions and some Excel work, so I appreciate that.

This sort of thing would be useful for telling me what cities have the most people in our database, as well. There are probably some other use cases, basically anything where identifying the most common entries in a field is worthwhile or interesting.

Thanks again!

I totally agree. If you get some time, can you head over to and leave some feedback for our product team, in your words. Be sure to add some detail and how this would work for / benefit your business. We are always comparing projects that we work on to this feedback, as we have been working weekly to update and add features that our customers are looking for.

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Thanks so much, @James_Mefford. Will do that now.


Hardly a complete solution but…in your contact list where you can edit your search criteria and in the coloumns tab, you can choose to sort by the company name or id. That way at least all the contacts by company will be ordered together.

Thanks @John_Borelli! I appreciate the suggestion.

Here’s what we ended up with for now:

With @James_Mefford’s prompt in mind, I went and ran a search that identified the proper group of people, based upon tags. I then exported just the name and company fields to an Excel file, sorted by the company name. Then I selected that column. Next, in the top ribbon under the Home tab, I clicked “Conditional Formatting,” then “Highlight Cells Rules,” then “Duplicate Values…” In the dialog box, I selected “Duplicate” and then a color scheme.

After that, I scrolled through the document (more than 4,500 rows) looking for matches and then manually recording those matches by company name and number, in a Word doc.

That gave me a pretty solid list. The one variable is how people enter the name of their company. Like “Infusionsoft” vs. “Infusion Soft” vs. “Infusionsoft Inc.” But that’s sort of inevitable, I guess, and will be present in any solution.

Thanks again for all the help!


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